Our Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving

With our superior service and standards, you’ll be more at ease about how your household goods are being handled. From the initial survey throughout delivery, you’ll be provided with information, assistance, and support that’s designed to ensure a smooth relocation of your current house to your new home. The type and distance of the move you are making will determine how the cost of the move is figured.

Moving Tips

Every successful move begins with planning, and the more you have completed before moving day, the more relaxed you’ll feel when you do move.  Please print out and consider this list when planning your move.

  • Update changes with your service companies. Provide a forwarding address to:

Utilities, Insurance agencies, healthcare professionals, clubs,  Cable/TV, Publications, Organization, Creditors

  • Notify the post office of your new and/or temporary address
  • Finish up frozen foods, canned goods, and other household items
  • Gather the personal records you will need for new bank accounts, new employers and new healthcare professionals.
  • Dispose of flammables and drain power mower or other machinery to be moved.
  • Have rugs and drapes that are being shipped cleaned; leave them wrapped for transport.
  • Arrange a service your appliances
  • Coordinate the disconnection of utilities at your current home and the hookup of utilities at your new house.
  • Be sure to leave you phone service on for the loading day and have service available on the delivery day at the destination.
  • Cancel newspapers, cable and delivery services
  • Arrange transportation of pets.
  • Locate required pet health certificates and tags that prove inoculation.
  • Confirm move schedule with your Jacksonville movers representative.Make lodging reservations, if necessary.
  • Obtain traveler’s checks and cash for the trip.
  • Set aside and inventory those items you will personally take with you.
  • Have your laundry finished and packed.
  • Clean refrigerator and freezer and leave doors open until you move. Then tape a box of baking soda inside the fridge to help prevent musty smells.

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